Frequently Asked Questions

When is this event?
April 9, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.

When should I arrive?
We suggest arriving by 9:00 a.m. to get through registration and have plenty of time to find a good spot.

How much does the event cost?
Impact Church hosts this event for our community absolutely FREE!

Why do you limit the number of tickets?
We limit the tickets to 1,000 kids to ensure the excellence and safety of the event.

Can I still come without a ticket?
Yes! Unfortunately, we can’t allow you to participate in gathering eggs once they are dropped. But if you want to come and watch the helicopter you are more than welcome!

Can I bring my own baskets to collect eggs in?
Unfortunately, no. We want to make sure that all kids get a fair shot at finding eggs. Your kids will get a bag we provide for them to collect eggs in.

Do I need to bring a printed ticket with me to the event?
Nope! We will be able to check you in electronically with no need for a paper ticket.

Is this event safe?
Absolutely! Nothing is more important to us. The eggs fall onto the field while kids and parents wait at a distance. We do not allow anyone on the field until after the helicopter is gone and the field has been deemed safe for kids to begin collecting eggs. We will also have a First Aid station available, so look for the red tent if needed!

What is the worship service like after the event?
Immediately following the event, we will be hosting a community-wide worship service in celebration of Palm Sunday, the official kick-off to the Christian Holy Week. This is a multi-denominational, kid-friendly worship service where we will sing worship songs and hear a message about Jesus Christ.

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