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3 Ways to Participate in Halloween


I grew up in the bible belt, more specifically, the baptist buckle. As a child, I was quickly taught the darkness of celebrating a holiday such as Halloween. I believe the exact words I heard a lot were, “The Devil’s Day.” For several reasons, I am thankful for being warned of the darkness that so often surrounds October 31. Unfortunately, however, I was never reminded of the light that those of us who are in Christ possess. So, this post is an attempt to make John 1:5 come alive in Northern Virginia even on the darkest of nights.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” – John 1:5

Here are 3 ways for The Church of Christ to participate in Halloween and show off the light within us…

  1. Pray a lot. – Before the evening begins, ask Holy Spirit to make you sensitive to the spiritual needs around you. Ask Him for the boldness to speak the name of Jesus even when it’s uncomfortable or hostile. As you walk around your neighborhood, pray over houses and people you cross paths with. Make an effort to remember the names of people you meet at make an effort to pray for them before you hit the bed for the night. Heck, maybe you can even ask people you run into how you can pray for them?!
  2. Answer the door. – I am amazed at Christians I know who hear knocks at the door and quickly turn off the lights, close the curtains and hide in the basement. Isn’t this exactly what unbelievers do when Christian committees on “Door to Door Evangelism” come-a-knockin’? Listen carefully… This is the one day of the year that YOUR neighbors actually come knocking on YOUR door to engage YOU!!! And you’re going to throw that opportunity away in the name of shunning kids dressed up like characters on the movie Frozen??? Please tell me where the common sense is in that. Worst case scenario, your neighbors may actually get to know you and start to like you. BONUS** – Buy good candy and give it away with a smile and a compliment. And if you’re going to hand them a Christian tract, it better come with chocolate!
  3. Teach your kids. –┬áIf you have kids, this is a great moment to disciple them (teach them how to follow Jesus). If you don’t have kids, you probably shouldn’t go trick or treating. The law seems to frown upon grown adults stealing candy from children. However, if you do, teach them what it meant when Jesus told us to, “shine your light before men.” Spend some time teaching them how to accept other children and engage different cultures all in the name of Jesus Christ. Teach them how to do normal things with normal people with Gospel intentions.

Ultimately, I realize that Christians often fall on different sides when it comes to Halloween. I am certainly not saying that one side is right or wrong. You must really pray and read the bible and decide what you feel the Holy Spirit leading you to do. Hopefully, this gives you some ideas on how to engage lost people. Keep living the dream!

What other ideas would you add to this? Comment below.