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4 Reasons I am Really Pumped about Impact Church

As we get ready for week 3 of Impact Church’s official launch into the community of Northern VA, I wanted to share with you all some reasons I am personally pumped up about this mission! I can’t stop thinking about what Jesus has called us ALL to accomplish and the world-changing implications of fulfilling that call will have on the Washington, D.C. area.

  1. I am SERIOUSLY in love with the people God has called to take this adventure with us! These are some for-real Jesus followers! If you are thinking about whether or not to come join this vision, it’s worth it just to meet these inspiring folks! They have encouraged me, pushed me and molded me to be more like Jesus Christ! I LOVE THE CHURCH!!
  2. We PRAY! Right now there are 30 different unreached, unengaged people groups in China that we are interceding for. We are sincerely hoping that Christ will call someone to take The Gospel to these people who have never even had the opportunity to reject Christ. One of the absolutely coolest things I get to do during our worship time together is watch out at other believers begging God for His Good News to reach The Nations!
  3. It’s all about JESUS! There is absolutely no desire in our hearts to lift up any other name or have any other fame than that of the cross of Jesus Christ. Our confidence is in The Gospel. If people don’t experience life change, it won’t be because we didn’t offer hope through Christ.
  4. There is a clear mission. Matthew 24:14 says, And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. We believe this with all of our hearts, and I see our team living that out. I LOVE that the most important thing we do as a church is NOT Sunday morning, it is every single day as we get to sow seeds of The Gospel everywhere we go!

I will stop there for now. There are many more! Will you please pray that God will give us MANY opportunities to share The Gospel. Also, pray that I can get some sleep because I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET WITH IMPACT CHURCH!!!


Pastor Brandon