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4 Ways to Engage with Refugees

This past summer, I led a team from Impact Church to Athens, Greece to work among refugees in camps. We met refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq & Iran. The main thing I walked away with was this: Because of the awful tragedy happening in places like Syria and the violence of ISIS in places like Iraq, the window is open to engage people with The Gospel of Christ who otherwise may have never heard it!

BUT… I am not sure when that window might close. None of us are. So, what can we do TODAY to reach people from dark, closed off places with The Gospel of Jesus? Here are 4 things…

  1. Get to know a refugee. A couple of months ago I had a conversation with the custodian of the school our church meets at. He overheard in our service us talking about ministering to refugees in Greece. HE THANKED ME (he is not a Christian!) because HE was a REFUGEE from Vietnam in the 1980’s. For those of us living in the DMV, we are surrounded by internationals and some of the are indeed refugees. But, we will never know because we never engage with them relationally. Get to know people who are different from you and you just might meet a refugee. If not, there are plenty of places to go, such as the Lutheran Social Services, to meet some.
  2. Take a trip to work in refugee camps overseas. Many refugees know that the doors are closing for them to enter places like the U.S., Germany or UK. So, while our government isn’t allowing many¬†here, what’s stopping you from going to them? Nothing.
  3. Learn about refugees and the crises happening around the globe. Many people don’t engage with this work because they don’t really understand what’s happening. Can I be honest? Fox News is not the best place to learn about this. I would consult the Bible (to learn God’s heart for refugees) and read¬†past the headlines on your news apps. Most good information on refugees is buried somewhere in their articles and blogs.
  4. Register for our Refugee Ministry Summit on November 4! We are going to be diving into detail about all of these things. You are going to walk away having a better understanding of who refugees are, what is happening overseas and how you as a Christian and your local church can engage! Click here!

How long will the window be open to reach unreached people with The Gospel? Not sure, but why wait?!