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5 Reasons to Get Excited about Community Groups

Community Group

We are not a church that HAS community groups, we are a church OF community groups.

Community groups are very important to us at Impact Church. They make up who we are as a body of believers and help give us direction for the strategy of our God-given mission to make disciples all over the world.

Community groups will kick off in The Fall the week of September 7!

Until then, here are 5 reasons to get excited about community groups…

  1. Community groups engage you in deeper relationships with other Christians – Let’s face it, Northern VA can be a lonely place. There are so many people yet such a quietness in our city. We all need that person we can call when we get a flat tire or some bad news from the doctor.
  2. Community groups deliver accountability in your life – Living in isolation is one of the biggest signs of a spiritual downfall. We need each other to keep us on track!
  3. Community groups facilitate spiritual growth – You will grow deeper and richer in your relationship with Christ. You will be challenged, encouraged and motivated in your walk with God.
  4. Community groups draw out participation from everyone – No matter what your personality type, likes, dislikes, etc. you will find a way to use your gifts and talents to advance The Kingdom of God with others!
  5. Community groups help our church make a bigger impact – The more groups we have, the more places we can bless and reach with The Gospel. It will embolden you to make disciples and invest in missions more!

Can you think of anymore reasons to be excited about community groups? Comment below.