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5 Ways to Invite People to Easter Sunday


Let’s have an honest conversation for a moment… It’s really hard to invite people to church! During this time of year, however, we are swamped with announcements from our pastors telling us to bring at least 400 thousand people with us on Easter! If we are serious with ourselves, the main reason it’s so intimidating during Easter to invite people to church is because we are out of practice the rest of the year. This is a sad but not condemning truth. Here are some ways you can invite people to church this Easter and the rest of the year too…

Everything at Impact Church revolves around our community groups because we believe life change happens best in relationships with other people! Here are 5 Ways to invite people to church…

  1. Pray for them – I know, this may not seem exciting at first, but what about when God ANSWERS?! Spend some time in your community group or with your family praying for specific names of people you want to invite!
  2. Offer to take them to lunch, have them at your house or visit the cherry blossoms afterwards – This makes bringing someone to church more about the relationship than just filling up some seats!
  3. Don’t try to manipulate them – You are inviting them to church. Tell them that. Don’t try to explain it away. Most people want you to be authentic. Besides, if they come, they are going to know that you inited them to a church! 🙂 Tell them what time the service is and what it’s like and what they can expect.
  4. Don’t just invite them to church, bring them to church – Offer to ride together to church. See if they would like for you to come pick them up or if they want to come pick you up. Again, this makes it more relational and transparent. You could also offer to stop by Starbucks on the way to church and grab coffee.
  5. Use social media – It is becoming more and more common for people to come to church based on an invitation they received on social media. So, share the Facebook event, make a specific post inviting people, post a picture of church, direct people to the website, etc. Don’t forget to make it relational. Consider sending out a personal text and/or Facebook message inviting your friends who you may not see throughout the week.