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A Challenge From Ephesians


For the past couple of weeks we have walked through the first chapter of the Book of Ephesians together as a church. It has been so awesome watching people respond to the Truth that is in The Gospel! We’ve had several people respond by giving their lives to Christ and that is AMAZING!!!!! I honestly believe that God is going to use this time in His Word to transform our hearts and focus us on His mission!

With that said, I’ve got a CHALLENGE for you! No, it’s not like the Blazing Wing Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings or the Cinnamon Challenge (If you’ve never seen that you can enjoy learning about it here.)

This challenge is designed to help you stand in AWE of GOD this week! Here ya go!

  1. Set aside 30 minutes. Seriously! Put it on your calendar!
  2. Read the entire chapter of Ephesians 1. Make sure it’s in a translation you understand!
  3. Journal what you learn about God, The Father, Christ, The Son and The Holy Spirit. If you don’t own a journal, just type the notes in your cell phone (make sure you are in airplane mode!).
  4. Share the biggest take away you have by emailing your community group leader and telling them about it!

I pray you know God deeper and more than you ever have in your entire life!!!!