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How To Activate Your Faith


When is the last time you believed in Jesus so much that you did something only HE could accomplish?

Or, how about this…?

Has anyone accused you of trusting in Jesus too much lately?

The Bible is full of testimonies of people who trusted in God and were rewarded because of their faith. Why should we live so differently and expect the same abundant life and intimacy with God? I think what often happens is we take up a cause and do a lot of good in the world without taking The Gospel of Jesus with us. Or, we swing the opposite way and take The Gospel of Jesus with us but our good deeds don’t give anyone a reason to praise our Father in Heaven.

So, here are some practical ways to build your faith and put it into action…


  1. Read your Bible every single day.
  2. Every time you see a command in scripture, underline it and do it.
  3. Have coffee with someone who is following Jesus the way you want to follow Him and ask them a bunch of questions.
  4. Try to hang out regularly with people that have enormous faith.
  5. Take little steps of obedience rather than always looking for a giant leap of faith.


  1. Get involved in your county’s foster care system. Your first step isn’t to just find children and bring them into your home. That’s illegal. Your first step of faith might be to research foster care or begin a savings account or read a book about it. Eventually, go for it!
  2. Adopt a child. Instead of downsizing or having 3 guest rooms when the kids come home twice a year, go out of your way to adopt a child. The process can be lengthy, hard and expensive, so no need to put it off. Go ahead and get started with it!
  3. Provide consistent community for those in nursing homes. Find a local place and commit to a day of the week or a few days a month and begin developing relationships with the people there, most of whom are widows & widowers.
  4. Visit those who are in prison. If you know of people whose lives have been destroyed by sin and failures, offer them hope and not just with your words. Offer them hope with your physical support.
  5. Volunteer in local homeless shelters. Google “local homeless shelters” and it will pull those up that are closest to you. Most of them have email addresses of people you can talk to that would be helpful in getting you plugged in.
  6. Make a disciple of Jesus. You can actually do this! Next time you see someone, ask them if they would be interested in meeting together to learn how to follow Jesus more closely. Then, follow up and do it.

These are only a few of the ways we can build and activate our faith. We would love for you to join us on Sunday mornings at Colin Powell Elementary at 10:30 a.m. to learn more about how we can make an IMPACT on Northern Virginia with The Gospel of Jesus!