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How to be a Missionary for Free

Most of the time when we talk about missions, Christians cringe. Kids think missionaries only live in different countries and most people are scared that if Jesus gets total control of their lives they will end up in Africa forever. Well, maybe… But until you get the call to Africa…

As you get closer to Jesus throughout the week, here are some free ways that you can do missions and fulfill the calling of Christ:

  1. Be intentional. Take advantage of those relationships God has already put into your life. Take the superficial conversation to a different level. Allow people to feel comfortable talking about real life. The best way to be intentional is to ask questions and do a lot of listening.
  2. Be relational. Get to know your neighbors. Do things outside with the purpose of being around people and engaging them in conversation. Live life with other people. Build bridges with folks that you might now know very well. In other words, win the right to eventually talk to them about Christ.
  3. Be conversational. Talk about Jesus Christ. If The Gospel has transformed all sorts of different areas of your life, then you’ll probably find it hard NOT to talk about Jesus. Religion may be one of those “taboo” subjects in the office or at lunch, but as you talk about your weekend, don’t be scared to talk about going to church or other ways that your faith in Christ has influenced your day to day life.
  4. Be light. Sorry I couldn’t think of another word that has “tional” at the end. Push back darkness around you. As you live life with people, whether at school, in the office or at home, let them see you live out the life of a true disciple of Christ. They should be able to pick up on the fact that you fast regularly or that prayer is a major part of your day. They should see evidences of your time in God’s Word or the ways you are discipling others.These disciplines shine a light as to make Christ more visible to the people you are around daily.

So, these are just some free things you can do to be a missionary right where you are. These are ONLY the beginning of this process. They should all lead you to have conversations about Jesus, where you can communicate The Gospel to them, and not serve as scapegoats not to have to verbally preach Christ. Also, since this is only the beginning, keep getting closer to Jesus and realize that being a missionary here could also translate into being a missionary all over the world. Don’t wait for the call. If you’re reading the bible, the call is EVERYWHERE! Go ahead and get started, chase after Jesus and trust Him for the right direction and the right time.

I believe in you! Go for it!

Pastor Brandon