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Impact Church Launch Day!

I just wanted to thank everyone who helped make the launch of Impact Church such a great success! Here are some of the great notes from the day…

1. A teenage girl accepted Christ this weekend! It’s true that if it were all for just ONE, Christ would have still come to die so that God could have communion with them. However, our prayer is that this is only the beginning of ┬ábroken lives being restored and lost people finding their purpose.

2. Our worship team did a GREAT job! They are committed to making sure everything we use to worship God revolves around adoring Jesus Christ! If you’d like to drop them a note of encouragement or follow them, here they are with a link to their Facebook!
Charles George – Worship Leader
Jay Collier – Bass Guitarist
Mike Simms – Keyboardist
Nathan Penaranda – Drums
Robin Merriman – Vocalist
Saviel Delacruz – AV

3. The Gospel was proclaimed! I had one person tell me that if our goal was to lift up Jesus Christ then mission accomplished! Sure, there were little things that went wrong (our signage didn’t come in, we had tons of technical difficulties, etc.) but the name of Jesus was proclaimed and at the end of the day, THAT was our goal!

4. Our first impressions team ROCKED it! Plenty of coffee and snacks to go around, but the one thing that pumped me up was that everyone got smiled at and interacted with.

5. One of the highlights for me was watching our children’s ministry volunteers GO TO TOWN with creating a fun and safe environment for our kids to be impacted by The Gospel! Becky Fulbright straight came alive and took care of our preschool kids while April Collier, a new team member that moved from MS, taught our older kids a lesson that went straight with the sermon. I am so excited that we have a kids team dedicated to making sure no kids get older and can say that they received a watered-down gospel or were manipulated into salvation.

6. We had over 70 people join us for this first day of worship! It meant so much to have some friendly faces from Emmanuel Baptist Church, the church I previously served at, come celebrate with us as well as students from George Mason University, friends, family and some members from the community.

7. After this past Sunday, I have never been more determined, focused and convinced that God is pursuing His people in Northern VA / DC and when His Church revives herself for His mission, it will require a stage that the entire world cannot deny. We HAVE to plant Impact Church, and Impact Church HAS to plant more and more churches, here and around the planet. People have to know there is a way out. People have to know Jesus Christ.

Thanks for taking this amazing journey with us! Hope to post even more exciting things about this next week! If you can’t be with us physically, would you please pray about our mission here?

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please lift up the family of the girl who accepted Christ on Sunday! Pray that we would disciple well and her whole family would know Jesus.
  2. Ask God to compel people to come to Him through the work being done at Impact Church.
  3. Pray God to send us the workers we need to accomplish this mission He has given us.
  4. We need more children’s ministry volunteers.