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Ways to Invite People to Impact Church


Sometimes, inviting people to church can be hard, awkward, terrifying, fill in the blank with whatever you feel… So, we’ve put together this list of ideas for inviting people to come to Impact Church with you next Sunday!

  1. Just ask! The answer is always “NO” if you never ask. Some people will say, “yes” and others will come up with an excuse, but you never know unless you… ASK!
  2. Hand them an Impact Church Invite Card. If you click that link you can actually print some off yourself or pick some up next time you are at church!
  3. Volunteer for something happening in the community and hand out invite cards as you serve.
  4. Host a Viewing Party on Saturday night. You can watch an UFC fight or college football game, eat some food and then invite everyone to church as they are leaving.
  5. Invite someone to lunch with you after church. Let them know you’d love for them to come to church and see if they will let you pay for their lunch at a good restaurant afterwards.
  6. Grab coffee before service starts. May I suggest inviting someone to grab a coffee or bubble tea and a fresh pastry from Jireh Bakery around 9:45 a.m. and then heading to church together?
  7. Take a stack of door hangers when you leave church and put them around your neighborhood as a family.
  8. Let your kids set up a free lemonade stand (or hot chocolate in the Fall!) in your neighborhood and hand out invite cards to church!
  9. Provide childcare for friends who may need a date night, then, invite the kids and parents to church before you leave!
  10. Create a Facebook post. Post this picture and write something like… “I love my church! Let me know if you’re interested in coming with me this Sunday! We meet at Powell Elementary at 10:30 a.m.!”
  11. Follow Impact Church on Twitter. When you notice a post that invites people to church, be sure to retweet it with your own personal invitation.
  12. Post a picture from church on Instagram. Let them know when the service starts and where we meet.
  13. Pray for people by name. 
  14. Send an E-vite!
  15. Bring a bunch of donuts into work with you! Place a stack of invite cards next to them or just let people know you’d like to invite them to church with you that weekend! The worst that could happen is everyone at work loves you. Unless they hate donuts. In which case, click here.
  16. Look for a “special” Sunday and ask friend to participate with you.
  17. Send a text message. This takes minimal effort, but it’s personal (no group messages!) and they are sure to see it as long as you send it the day before church.
  18. Hang flyers in your local coffee shops. Feel free to make your own flyers at home, take the family with you and hang up flyers. Starbucks and Panera often have community boards that you can use. Make sure to include the name, location and worship time of the church!
  19. Leave an Impact Church pen for your waiter. Along with a minimal 20% tip, leave an Impact pen for your waiter. wait staff are always looking for more pens!
  20. Go old school! Send someone a note in their snail mail with an invite card in it just to encourage them. You could also actually call someone. Chances are they won’t answer and you can just leave them a voice mail inviting them to church 🙂

Do you have anymore ideas? We’d love to hear them! Just comment below!