Keys to Revival

tent revival


The past couple of Sundays we have been talking about the impact of personal revival. See, a great spiritual awakening does not begin under a tent by repeating a prayer after someone – It starts in your prayer closet.

This past Sunday in worship we talked about some important keys to revival in our hearts. Evan Roberts, a preacher used by God to bring about a revival a hundred years ago, gave us 4 things we can do to help revive our hearts towards God!

  1. Confess all known sins (Let God know the specific sins that are stealing your affections from Him. It’s also good to confess these sins with another brother or sister in Christ to have accountability and encouragement as you run back to Christ.)
  2. Put away every doubtful habit (Repentance and restitution = “The restoration of something lost or stolen back to it’s original owner.”
  3. Obey The Holy Spirit promptly (Obedience and surrender to God’s will for your life should happen as soon as it can! Don’t put it off!)
  4. Proclaim Christ publicly (Tell someone about Jesus this week! It will stretch you, challenge you and revive you!)

Our desire is that everyone at Impact Church would be a walking revival for Northern VA & D.C. God wants to use His Church to bring about a revival that the world cannot ignore. Let that revival start in you this week!


  1. Kristina Rigsby says:

    I like that!! I hope everyone’s doing good! 🙂