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Quarantine Book Recommendations

We all find ourselves with a little more time on our hands these days. And let’s be honest, how much more screen time can you handle? So, why not pick up a book? There are even some great, and even free, audio versions available out there! Here are a few places to start, especially during these times. What would you add to the list?

The Holy Bible

Obviously, you saw this one coming, right? The best words we can read are the Words of God! If you are looking for a good reading plan to get into, try F260 or check out the Youversion App. You can also get free audio Bible reading along with plans via Dwell with Impact Church (think Spotify for The Bible).

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

This is an absolute classic. If you are still on the fence about Christianity or you are new to the faith and have yet to read this book, it’s a must read! Warning: There are no pictures. You will have to think your way through this, but you’ll be a stronger Jesus follower because of it!

Suffering by Paul David Tripp

Have you lost something since this COVID-19 crisis? Maybe a family member or a job or a normalcy that you are grieving? This is a great opportunity to understand how The Gospel doesn’t just save you, but keeps you saved even through suffering.

Adorning The Dark by Andrew Peterson

Maybe you need to be using this time to channel your inner creativity! What a great time of reflection on what God is calling you to do and to start dreaming on what the future could look like. Check this one out!

You Can Change by Tim Chester

Right now, as we face social and even spiritual isolation, we still need a Gospel-centered way to deal with sin. This will be an impactful book to help you seek Jesus, especially when you are feeling slave to sin. Don’t wait!

Knowing God by J. I. Packer

Yes, you can KNOW God! What a great mystery! If you are new to following Jesus or you want to focus on know God more, this book will help you tremendously! It’s written well but each chapter serves as an opportunity to practice devotion to God personally.

Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan

If you are looking for a book to get lost in and still be refreshed in your soul, this is a classic. It will encourage you with the fullness of scripture it offers as well as it’s story-like journey.