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Worship in Community

The life of our church is not found at Colin Powell Elementary School on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. (Shameless plug!). It is found in a small apartment in Manassas on Tuesday nights and a townhouse in Centreville on Monday nights. If you show up to an apartment in Fairfax on Wednesday nights you will discover a group of people excited about building community with one another and the same goes for a house near Old Town Manassas on Sunday evenings. You will find our church scattered all around Northern VA throughout the week making disciples and pleading for Jesus to make Himself known to the people here!


But something else marvelous is happening that can’t happen on Sunday mornings alone… Worship.

God is being worshipped by believers in 2 different counties in 5 different homes every single week in Northern VA. And we are ONLY 2 years in!! Our desire is to see the name of Jesus Christ exalted and worshipped in as many places throughout this mission field as possible.

Here are some practical ways to worship God when you are meeting with a small group of other believers in your home…

  1. Ask someone to lead – If you have someone who can play an instrument or loves to sing, task them with leading everyone else in worship. It’s important to acknowledge the awkwardness of not having a sound system and everyone being able to hear everyone else. Just ask them to be a little vulnerable and offer their praise to God!
  2. Read through the Psalms – Ask group members to come prepared with a Psalm to share. Have the leader read a psalm aloud and have other members pray over the words that Psalm had to say. Just remember, when you pray and worship with the Psalms, you are using the same song book that JESUS CHRIST used!!!
  3. Use cell phones – Everyone seems to have a smart phone now. Ask them to pull up the lyrics to a song from google and sing it together.
  4. YouTube – Look up a lyrics video of your favorite worship song and play it on a computer, laptop or tablet. Sometimes you can even connect these things to a television to make it louder and easier to see.
  5. Speak praises aloud – Have members of your group just express aloud during prayer how good God is and confess that He is LORD. Confess sin to Him and one another and speak how wonderful Jesus is.

Hope these suggestions help! Just remember, the end goal is that we have met with God together and experienced His intimacy with humble hearts.

Comment below with any other suggestions you may have!