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We want to hear about your experience fasting and praying with us!
Please comment below and answer some of these questions…


What did God show you during that week specifically?

How has your prayer life and relationship with God improved since then?

What is something BIG you are asking God for that you would like others to join in with you?



  1. Ellen Hembree says:

    So as some background, and for my own thought-processing as well…

    I fasted this week and only eating natural food and no meat – fruits, veggies, nuts, beans, rice… yep. That’s pretty much it. It was good, but honestly, I kinda grew up on that food (my mom was a health nut – still is – and so, we’d go through dieting phases together as a family. ask me about the tofu. No actually, please don’t.) so really, this fast like, wasn’t too hard or sacrificial to me. It kinda actually just reminded me of my childhood. (Strange, I know. Just roll with it.)

    So I told Brandon that because I didn’t feel like I was challenging myself to really go deeper with the Lord. I didn’t feel desperate for Him and my God, I want to feel so desperate for Him. I want to know that intimacy with the Lord when you’re out of the boat and jumping back into the boat is not an option and you’re literally going down any way you look at it and He’s the only option you’ve got. I want that. I need that. I’ve never really had that before; in a way I have, in planting Impact Church, but I knew that if money became an option, I could just stay in my job and we’d be able to financially cover ourselves.

    Then, suddenly, God called me to leave that security and jump out of the boat and trust Him. He’s opened up EDGE Clubs to work more hours, and the lynch-pin that I’ve been waiting for happened when I was least expecting it to. Brandon told me on Wednesday that he felt like the Lord told Him it was ok for me to leave as soon as tomorrow. And now I’m desperate for Him, because I thought we still had a few more months to process and pray. It’s here – the time I’ve prayed for and processed is here and suddenly I’m paralyzed.

    I’m desperate to hear that it’s ok to go. My heart is fearful, because I’m so scared I’m making a mistake. What if I quit and we can’t pay our bills? What if I’m quitting for the wrong reasons and I leave the seeds there without anyone to water them? Wondering why I can’t just verbally hear the Lord speak sometimes…? If I could just see a sign; if I could just see a bit of who He is and a piece of His power and the unending love He gives, I’ll be ok. I can step out of the boat at that point.

    I need to do this, right? I need to step out of the boat and I need to follow Him, even if my heart is fearful. Because the Bible says that the heart is deceitful above all things, and I can’t trust it. I want to choose to not trust the fear and the risk-adverse nature that I live in and hold His hand because I know I’m loved and undeservedly covered in grace. I must be so incredibly loved, because I know the sin I’ve committed and the immense love it must’ve taken to get on the cross and forgive me. I’ve read Deut. 22: 20-21 and know exactly what I deserve and that I am evil through and through, without any hope other than Jesus. Knowing what I deserve makes God’s grace even greater.

    It seems that God is providing a way for me to trust Him more through leaving my job and following Him. I often feel like Brandon did that when He planted Impact, and I watched him do it very, very closely. My seat may have been the closest out of anyone else’s, but it still wasn’t my faith that was stretched as much as his. I want that stretching to happen. I know that the glory of the Lord is the reward to the faithful, and I need the power of the Holy Spirit in order to be faithful. I need God to hold my hand because I am quite wimpy. And the fact that is, God wants to carry me farther and farther away from the boat so I don’t even have something other than Him to look back to.

    That is grace. It is grace to be taken away from comforts so that I might know Jesus more.

    It is grace to get up earlier in the morning and stay awake so I might have more time to spend with Jesus. Thank you for our mornings this week, Lord.

    It is grace to know the names and faces of people who need Christ’s love and redemption, and to pray for them by name. It is peace to entrust them to Him and to believe Psalm 51:10-13. And this week, I’ve had such God-given opportunities to pray for people in my path and build relationships with them. One lady was on my heart a long time ago, and came out of nowhere; such a second chance I’ve received to talk to her.

    I am on this journey with the Lord.

    Please show me Your glory! Please show me Yourself. You don’t have to fulfill any of my requests, but Lord, to have a glimpse of You and to be moved by You and touched by You so the fears and concerns of the heart are eclipsed by the majesty of Your throne and Your Supremacy and Your Sovereignty and Your Faithful love, then Lord I’ll have tasted everything I need to know. Please show me Your glory. Thank you for this week of making me desperate for You. I come to You, at the end of this week, just hungry for more. Ready for more. In need of so much more.

    Luke 1:34, 35, and 37 – “How can this be,” Mary asked. The angel answered “The Holy Spirit will come up on you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. For nothing is impossible with God.”